"5O/50 DEAL Afiliado"

¡Atención a todos los usuarios de APUtime ! ¡Lanzamos una NUEVA oferta de afiliación! 

¿Le gusta trabajar con APUtime y le resulta útil en su trabajo?

¡Bueno! Prepárate para ganar dinero extra con nuestra nueva promoción, la Oferta de Afiliación 50/50, ¡que se lanza el 8 de abril!

Durante esta promoción, aumentamos su comisión por recomendación al 50% de los ingresos de los clientes que recomiende. 

¿Y lo mejor? Son ingresos recurrentes para ti.

No te pierdas esta fantástica oportunidad de ganar dinero extra mientras trabajas con APUtime. Únete a nosotros en el "50/50 Affiliate Deal" y recoge los frutos de tu duro trabajo.

Prepárese, ¡le contaremos más el 8 de abril!

Based on the conditions “Terms & Conditions - Affiliate Program APUtime,” we, as APUtime s.r.o., are announcing a deal for all members of the Affiliate program APUtime.

General Terms and Conditions of “50/50 Affiliate Deal”

  1. This “50/50 Affiliate deal” promotion is valid from 8 April 2023 to 7 July 2023.
  2. “50/50 Affiliate deal” is valid only for active APUtime users with an active APUtime account on the day the event is announced, i.e. March 24, 2023.
  3. The “50/50 Affiliate deal” is also valid for new users of APUtime, who create an APUtime account during this promotion period. 

Referral Fee

  1. For the duration of the “50/50 Affiliate Deal” promotion, the Referral Fee increase to 50% of our revenue from customers you refer.
  2. A referral Fee of 50% applies to all referred customer payments that will be paid to APUtime during the promotion (both monthly and annual subscriptions) and any future payments from these customers - these are recurring revenues for you.
  3. A referral Fee of 50% applies only to new referrals acquired from 8 April 2023 to 7 July 2023.
  4. A referral Fee of 50% is calculated from the current APUtime price list published on the website https://www.aputime.com/pricing
  5. After the “50/50 Affiliate Deal” promotion ends (7 July 2023 at 23:59 - Central European Time (CET), the Referral fee will automatically be reset to your original value for your new referrals in the future.
  6. You keep 50% of the Referral Fees from your received referrals during the promotion. See point 2. above.

Referral Fee as LIVE TIME DEAL 🔥

  1. If you get revenue worth USD 2500 or more during the“50/50 Affiliate deal” promotion (from 8 April 2023 to 7 July 2023), we will keep your Referral fee of 50% as a LIVE TIME FEE for all new referrals in future.


  1. Accrued referral fees are paid immediately, respectively, within five days from the payment of the referred customer. The minimum amount we pay out is 20 USD.
  2. Referral fee payment will be paid only based on the invoice issued by you via your PayPal account (for more details, see General Terms & Conditions Affiliate Program) Instructions on how to issue an invoice can be found in the Affiliate section in your APUtime workspace and our APUbrain in the section “Affiliate / Payout. https://app.aputime.com/(tour:guide/payout)
  3. For Referral fee payments, we need you to fill in complete information in the Affiliate Program section of your APUtime account.

All other terms of the Affiliate Program are governed by the applicable “APUtime General Terms & Conditions of Affiliate Programterm” published on the website https://www.aputime.com/affiliate-terms-and-conditions


What is the minimal/maximal amount to payout?

  • minimum is 20 USD, maximum is unlimited. As soon as you get more than 20 USD of Referal fees, you can send us an invoice, and we will make the payment immediately, respectively max. within five working days

How long will I have a commission from one affiliate customer? How long will I have payouts? 

  • These are recurring revenues for you! A referral Fee of 50% applies to all referred customer payments that will be paid to APUtime during the promotion (both monthly and annual subscriptions) and any future payments from these customers - these are recurring revenues for you!

Can be my affiliate business rejected? Can I lose it?

  • Membership in the Affiliate Program is conditional on an active APUtime account. You cannot lose this business if you have an active APUtime account and comply with all General Terms & Conditions Affiliate Program APUtime.

What if the customer I recommended didn't come through my link?

  • In that case, we are not able to recognize that it is your customer, so you must to use one of your links.

Do I need to have an active APUtime workspace?

  • Yes, this is one of the basic conditions

Do I need to pay any taxes?

  • All possible taxes are on your side, and you deal with them based on the law and applicable legislation in your country

Can I create my website as APUtime reseller and use brand assets and logo?

  • Yes, you can, but we need to approve your site (please contact our support). In this case, do not forget to insert the Affiliate link (code) into the site.

Can you pay me with SEPA bank transfer or another money transfer method?

  • Unfortunately, NO, we make payments only via Paypal account

Are any additional services and payments next to the subscription included in referral fees?

  • No, only necessary fees for Paypal service transfers - Current fees are governed by PayPal's Terms & Conditions